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Blog: Buffalo/Niagara Falls, New York

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Original Buffalo Wild Wings / Wet At the Falls

Rolled into Buffalo late at night, which is fine by me. I’ve been here before on a business trip with my boss. A little bit of familiarity is a nice for a change of pace for the night.

I went over to the home of the original Buffalo Wild Wing for dinner. The Anchor Bar, the place that started a food phenomenon. While partaking in this tasty new American classic, the irony wasn’t lost on me that while I watched Thursday Night Football, they had a fairly prominent ad for the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant chain.

I was literally sitting in a restaurant that had originated a dish that later became so popular locally, regionally and nationally; that an entire organization and franchised restaurant chain had been named after this dish. You don’t get that experience to often at your local bar.

Were they the best wings ever? God no. Not even close. But did I love them. Hell ya I did.

I like the feel of the Anchor Bar because of its hole in the wall quality. For all the reasons it might throw off the average tourist looking for a clean, sanitized and prepackaged experience…the Anchor Bar lacks all of that. 🙂 …but in a good way.

The décor hasn’t been updated in forever. You can’t charge your smart phone at the bar so don’t bother to ask. There aren’t any outlets setup for those fancy electronics that you brought with you for the trip. And the men’s room trash can hasn’t been emptied in a suspiciously long time, and is over flowing with used paper towels.

Four star dining this is not. Local hole in the wall bar done good, it is.

I came back because I like this place. I like it a lot because it isn’t prepacked or setup to become a franchise like the better known Buffalo Wild Wings chain. Nothing against them, but I enjoy a unique experience.

The bartender/waiter who served me even had a rundown of things to do at Niagara Falls. It’s always nice when people know about the local attractions. It’s funny how often people don’t know anything about the local attractions of their town.

Wet at Niagara Falls

Thank you to everyone who told me repeatedly that I needed to take my passport to ensure I went over to the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls. Seriously, if you can’t go to the Canadian side, it’s not worth coming here. To be able to a be mere few feet from such an amazing force of nature was a fantastic engineering wonder.

As I stood by the rail of the falls I paused to do a silent mediation and soak in the moment. The sound of thousands of gallons of water rapidly pulsing by you and plunging hundreds of feet below into a misty cloud of fog is both tranquil and breathtaking. Generally speaking, it’s just damn cool.

Then it started to rain…

Where moments before, the rails along the falls were packed with more Asian tour groups than I could count. The rain sent everyone running. Everyone that is except the guy from Indianapolis who had a schedule to keep, and I’ve never let rain bother me in the past. No reason to start now.

In a way the rain was a silent blessing because I got to enjoy my silent mediation by the falls standing there alone by the rail. Breathing in, breathing out… not worrying about the past, or speculating about the future… from there I did let my mind wonder and just enjoy the moment. Thinking about life, the universe and everything. You know, what most people who visit the falls normally do on a weekday afternoon.

Niagara was fun for it’s mix of natural beautiful and constructed tourist attractions. I can’t say there’s much that’s very natural about the zip lines, casinos or boat tours in the mists of the falls; but they all look fun and on another trip I might try a few.

Eastward bound…

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  1. Mom September 30, 2017

    Well written. Glad you were able to get out of the country for a bit.

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