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Blog: Richmond, Virginia

Ever thought about visiting Richmond Virgina? Ya, I hadn’t either! But it turned out to be a really great place to drop by for an evening as I was on my way to Monticello the historic mountain top home of Thomas Jefferson.

I went on a Sunday night, and enjoyed the tail end of the weekend Folk Music Festival.

Richmond’s done a great job of revitalizing their waterfront area to make it tourist friendly. A friendly word of advice though, make sure to stay on the north side of the river. When I got into town I mistakenly asked google to take me to any gas station near the river walk, and ended up on the south side of the river. My thought process being that one side of the river is as good as another.

I quickly realized that this was NOT a part of town I should get gas in, and though I had driven many hours, I decided my bathroom break could wait a little bit longer as I got to the other side of the river.

That said once you find parking on the north side of the river it’s a fantastic family friendly environment, and I didn’t have any further concerns for my safety.

Walk the river walk in the evening if you can. The sound of the water rushing by is insanely peaceful. The river walkway connects to a bridge that stretches the length of the river. There are several park benches along the way, letting you sit down, rest, be at ease as you rest about fifty feet or so above the rushing stream below.

The river walk was the perfect cap to a long day’s drive.

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