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James and the Giant Road Trip!

Monday, September 18th 2017 is the official launch date for my ‘James and the Giant Road Trip’ tour!

Dates listed are only a rough outline of the general areas I’ll be.

Know of something happening in one of these cities while I’m in the area? Then let me know!!

Hope to see you soon!

‘Tour Schedule’

9/18/2017 Frostburg MD
9/19/2017 Frostburg MD
9/20/2017 Bhavana Retreat WV
9/21/2017 Bhavana Retreat WV
9/22/2017 Bhavana Retreat WV
9/23/2017 Bhavana Retreat WV
9/24/2017 Bhavana Retreat WV
9/25/2017 Frostburg MD
9/26/2017 Cleveland OH
9/27/2017 Cleveland OH
9/28/2017 Buffalo NY
9/29/2017 Manchester VT
9/30/2017 Keene NH
10/1/2017 Barre MA
10/2/2017 Concord MA
10/3/2017 Boston MA
10/4/2017 Portland ME
10/5/2017 Warkwick RI
10/6/2017 Philadelphia PA
10/7/2017 Wilmington DE
10/8/2017 Washington DC
10/9/2017 Washington DC
10/10/2017 Washington DC
10/11/2017 Charlottesville VA
10/12/2017 Blueridge Parkway Tour VA
10/13/2017 Blueridge Parkway Tour VA
10/14/2017 Blueridge Parkway Tour VA
10/15/2017 Blueridge Parkway Tour NC
10/16/2017 Blueridge Parkway Tour NC
10/17/2017 Blueridge Parkway Tour NC
10/18/2017 Asheville NC
10/19/2017 Asheville NC
10/20/2017 Asheville NC
10/21/2017 Charleston SC
10/22/2017 Charleston SC
10/23/2017 Savannah GA
10/24/2017 Jacksonville FL
10/25/2017 Jacksonville FL
10/26/2017 Pensacola FL
10/27/2017 Pensacola FL
10/28/2017 Mobile AL
10/29/2017 New Orleans LA
10/30/2017 Jackson MS
10/31/2017 Memphis TN
11/1/2017 Nashville TN
11/2/2017 Louisville KY
11/3/2017 Louisville KY
11/4/2017 Indianapolis IN

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